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OWW 9.6 Build a Snowman!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Build a snowman without limitations!


  • Snowman Kit - Everything you need to create a cool snowman - that won't melt either!

  • New vendor assets

  • Candles!


  • Teleport speed ‘slightly’ improved

  • Animations in art UI: Daisy, Artist, Wishlist, etc

  • Teleport search menu and gallery image loading

  • Loading times should be better

Bugs fixed

  • After some tough negotiations, DAISY agreed to release the missing artworks that she held hostage last week and will now display all artist's artworks on the artist's profile page.

  • The runaway asset outlines were caught and returned to their original location.

  • The field of view reset bug after using the free camera (F8) should be fixed (again)

  • Order has been restored to chat and tooltips now correctly align to the right!

  • Galleries should no longer catch the rare bug which returned players to their starting location when teleporting.

  • Fixed issue when the game wouldn’t launch if latest VC++ redist is not installed

Stay tuned for even more exciting news, SOON™


London, December 2020

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