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OWW: 9.7 Mosaic to Your Ears


Mosaics supercharged!

  • Added the ability to Undo/Redo (Ctrl+Z / Ctrl+Shift+Z)

  • Zoom in/out with the mouse wheel

  • Use the right mouse button to pan the canvas

  • Palette was added, allowing colours to be saved (alt + click to select)

  • A colour history bar was added which shows recent colours used


  • Loading of galleries should be improved.

  • Updated settings menu (Graphics/sound etc)

  • Updated mosaic UI

  • DAISY fixes and updates


Music and sound:

  • Music is now looped on the login screen

  • Teleportation music and gallery music should no longer overlap

  • Added proper transitions to Jukebox/Turntable (and other in-game music sources)

  • Muted sounds should no longer play

  • Sound settings now affect all sounds in the game

Stay tuned for even more exciting news, SOON™

'The StikiPixels'

London, January 2021

Some player created mosaics
Awesome player created mosaics

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