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OWW: 9.8 CloudSound Update!

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Add custom music to galleries, Perfectly align any asset, Piazza Dei Miracoli, New assets, performance boosted + more

Hello dear players and robots,

Us Pixels have been busy working on a huge update that we are very proud to announce today. We have more cool features in the oven, stay tuned.


CloudSound - Add music from SoundCloud to your gallery

  • 2 unique speakers, 2 Jukeboxes, and a turntable to choose from

  • 4 different animation effects

  • Load songs from SoundCloud to anywhere in your gallery

  • Choose the radius distance of the music

  • Let visitors hear your music all over your gallery with the global setting

  • Place multiple speakers and only hear only closest (great for specific rooms)

Grid Snapping - Perfectly align art and objects

  • 6 different grid snap sizes

  • Enable/disable snapping using the checkbox on the left

  • Select the Grid Rotation option to snap to the default grid

New Piazza Dei Miracoli - Formally known as Plaza, this new Piazza is unlike anything you have seen before

  • New starting zone

  • Take a walk with nature, even into the ocean, dynamic day/night sky

  • An easter egg, or two

  • Build an exhibit in one of the 16 large rooms

  • Mysterious vortex (New feature coming soon)

Zero Gallery

  • New starting gallery

  • 33 new assets, including ladders and stone paths! (search 'zero' in inventory)

Mouse unlock - Faster building!

  • Use F to unlock/lock mouse, faster deleting, building, etc

  • Ability to interact with the UI using the mouse

  • Use any tool (Build,Delete,Move,Expand,Frames,Puzzles,Picker) New vendor assets

  • New assets are available over the next few weeks Tags on artworks

  • Added Owned and Placed tags on Artworks in DAISY

  • Owned shows when you have the artwork bought

  • Placed shows if the gallery you are currently in has the artwork on display

Improvements/fixes and optimizations:

Building Improvements

  • Increased the distance of Expand tool

  • Removed backlight from artworks and replaced it with more even lighting.

  • Decreased delay between tool usage (building, deleting, expanding, etc)

  • Structures now allow floors to be placed on top

  • Fixed bugs when some users were not able to create a second/third gallery

  • Duke boxes and Turntables can have SoundCloud tracks playing on them.


  • MAISY (Similar) screen now shows 3 pages (36 artworks) of suggested artworks

  • Pagination added to Wishlist, Artist, and Collection windows.

  • Fixed repetition of the same artworks in DAISY over a short period of time

  • Fixed bug when owned artworks would appear in DAISY

  • Fixed bug when collection page wouldn’t show all artworks

General performance/optimization fixes

  • Greatly optimized loading of artworks

  • Improved loading speed in galleries

  • Optimized tutorial, made some steps skippable

Game UI and visualization updates

  • Mirror button moved to a side menu (M) and now clickable with the mouse

  • Updated visualization of player name tags

  • Game cursor is now more visible

  • Updated Help menu to reflect changes and fixed formatting bugs

  • A guiding quest icon has been added to the tutorial

  • Updated teleportation effect, no more paint!

  • Slightly updated Mosaic UI

  • Added partial Catalan localization

  • Search bar in inventory is now more visible

  • “Hide HUD” F6 toggle also hides interaction and outlines (awesome for filming!)

  • Updated chat hint instructions

  • Changed the way how the Interact/Build/Delete/Move hint is displayed. It is now attached to the object.

Other fixes:

  1. Fixed crash when editing text assets

  2. Fixed process not closing after quitting the game (you may need to verify game files in Steam)

  3. A million music/sound-related fixes

  4. Player name no longer stays in the gallery after player teleporting

  5. Fixed some artworks that would not link correctly when shared to chat

  6. Fixed case when gallery screenshot would not appear during loading

  7. Fixed ability to teleport while in the tutorial (before passing the step that allows it)

  8. Fixed registration bug when entering email with a space at the end.

Kultura Updates:

  • New domain! From to

  • New Search

  • Shows result by 3 categories: Artwork, Artist, Collection

  • Improved Dropdown look with preview

  • New art uploaded will go directly to the uploading accounts in-game art inventory

Kultura Fixes and improvements:

  • Greatly increased loading of Artworks and statistics

  • Improved buy codes page with animation on hover over the code packs

  • Fixed pagination bugs

  • Fixed bug when some of the UI will load the mobile version on Mac Safari.

  • Fixed back button on the artwork upload page

  • Fixed bugs with long artwork titles

  • Fixed bugs with spaces in Artist profile links

  • Fixed ability for artists to edit links

  • Fixed rounding of artwork sizes during upload

  • Fixed case when resetting a password fails if you type the username in a different case

  • Fixed loading animation on artist and collection pages

  • Minor UI changes

Hope you’re all safe and ‘artsy’,


London, April 2021

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