OWW: 9.8 CloudSound Update!

Updated: Apr 8

Add custom music to galleries, Perfectly align any asset, Piazza Dei Miracoli, New assets, performance boosted + more

Hello dear players and robots,

Us Pixels have been busy working on a huge update that we are very proud to announce today. We have more cool features in the oven, stay tuned.


CloudSound - Add music from SoundCloud to your gallery

  • 2 unique speakers, 2 Jukeboxes, and a turntable to choose from

  • 4 different animation effects

  • Load songs from SoundCloud to anywhere in your gallery

  • Choose the radius distance of the music

  • Let visitors hear your music all over your gallery with the global setting

  • Place multiple speakers and only hear only closest (great for specific rooms)

Grid Snapping - Perfectly align art and objects

  • 6 different grid snap sizes

  • Enable/disable snapping using the checkbox on the left

  • Select the Grid Rotation option to snap to the default grid

New Piazza Dei Miracoli - Formally known as Plaza, this new Piazza is unlike anything you have seen before

  • New starting zone

  • Take a walk with nature, even into the ocean, dynamic day/night sky

  • An easter egg, or two

  • Build an exhibit in one of the 16 large rooms

  • Mysterious vortex (New feature coming soon)

Zero Gallery

  • New starting gallery

  • 33 new assets, including ladders and stone paths! (search 'zero' in inventory)

Mouse unlock - Faster building!

  • Use F to unlock/lock mouse, faster deleting, building, etc

  • Ability to interact with the UI using the mouse

  • Use any tool (Build,Delete,Move,Expand,Frames,Puzzles,Picker) New vendor assets

  • New assets are available over the next few weeks Tags on artworks

  • Added Owned and Placed tags on Artworks in DAISY

  • Owned shows when you have the artwork bought

  • Placed shows if the gallery you are currently in has the artwork on display

Improvements/fixes and optimizations:

Building Improvements

  • Increased the distance of Expand tool

  • Removed backlight from artworks and replaced it with more even lighting.

  • Decreased delay between tool usage (building, deleting, expanding, etc)

  • Structures now allow floors to be placed on top

  • Fixed bugs when some users were not able to create a second/third gallery

  • Duke boxes and Turntables can have SoundCloud tracks playing on them.


  • MAISY (Similar) screen now shows 3 pages (36 artworks) of suggested artworks