Our vision for an art platform of the future


We believe that the current ‘wall-based’ gallery model is broken, it doesn’t work for audiences who find art boring and off-putting. It doesn’t work for museums and galleries either (they can often display only 5% of their collection with the rest hidden underground) and mainly doesn’t work for artists who struggle to ‘emerge’ and reach relevant people - true fans the art will resonate with. The only people the ‘art market’ does work for are dealers (even then the 1% of them) and mega-rich collections. We’re here to change that...


  • No gatekeepers or acceptance committee, every artist deserves an opportunity (some T&C apply)


  • Cutting edge AI designed to connect artists with their rightful audience, DAISY is already working and proven, check out these cool artists.  



  • A hugely creative, enthusiastic, and open-minded global player community to interact with 


  • Not a ‘dealer’, OWW doesn’t charge commissions on sales. In fact, OWW is designed to drive traffic to social media and/or other sites. Many artists are contacted by fans (who discover them in OWW) over social media and in several cases, people bought artworks in the ‘real world’ 


  • The artist keeps all the rights to their work


  • Genuinely connect with new fans, as an artist, you can message players who bought your work (to announce an exhibition or a crowdfunding campaign for example) they’ll also be notified when you upload new artworks. (coming soon)


  • A gaming PC or playing the game is not required (but it is fun). Art uploads and KULTURA are accessible through the web


  • Design your dream gallery featuring your works (along with the occasional old master, if you so wish) at a grand scale and fantastical setting with gorgeous realistic graphics

Any questions? Please reach out to us on Discord or by email to 

Artist FAQ

How artists are discovered

Art in OWW is discovered through DAISY, a proprietary art discovery AI that learns each player’s individual taste in art and shows art they’d like even if they don’t know what they’ll like. Now in its 3rd generation, we are very proud of how far our AI has come and our future plans to improve DAISY. Even with AI we still leave the door open to chance, some of DAISY’s suggestions are purely random. Furthermore, players are not limited to using DAISY alone, art can also be acquired by visiting other player’s galleries and via in-game chat (yes, chat in OWW supports sharing artworks).

How art works in OWW

When a player finds an artwork they like they can ‘buy’ it with in-game currency (called cubes). It is not ‘real money’ but is valuable in the game and when a player buys an artwork it means they really like it, because they chose it over another one.
Players have a wishlist they use to keep track of art they liked but couldn’t afford at the time they saw it. Each artwork page shows all of those stats in KULTURA.

Who are Patrons? (A future feature)

We plan to charge $9 per artwork upload (soon) for many different reasons (see below). However we understand that not every artist can afford these costs, so we created Patrons. Patrons are individuals who are passionate about art and want to help others discover art and the artists who make it. They will be able to buy special packs of upload codes, that they can later offer on social media (or our discord) to artists whose work they like. Patrons will have a KULTURA page like an artist, however on the individual artwork page, there will also be a patron field showing the name of the Patron who supported the upload of that specific work, clicking on the patrons name will show a special KULTURA page showing all the art that specific patrons codes helped to upload to OWW. We think this is super exciting and a very affordable way for people to become art patrons.

Is the art promotion AI (DAISY) really agnostic and treats all art as equal?

Yes! We designed it especially with this in mind. Due to the nature of probabilities (which underpin the black magic of AI) there may be a very slight ‘advantage’ to artworks and artists who join the platform earlier than others who join later. However, we designed DAISY to handle millions of artworks so in the long term this slight ‘advantage’ is negligible.

Why do we charge $9 per upload?

DAISY, the AI that makes the magic happen (finds you followers, connects players to artworks they’d love, etc). Is very expensive to run and eats GPUs for breakfast, not to mention the server costs. We need to keep the lights on and a steady supply of coffee. The alternative is to bring advertising into OWW which is a big no-no. A big part of our vision is that we don’t want to be gatekeepers and judge what art is ‘good’ or ‘bad’- we trust DAISY to show art to people who will be inspired and in some cases not show it to those who won’t. This means that everyone who uploads art will tick a few boxes saying they are an artist, the artwork uploaded is theirs and they allow us to feature artwork in-game (and on social media as players often share their galleries outside of the game). Sadly the internet is full of trolls, and if uploads were totally free we would drown in ‘dic pics’ and memes not to mention worse things. We feel that charging would dramatically reduce the number of ‘troll uploads’, leaving us more time to improve the overall game and AI. We understand this is a contentious decision and that some artists may not agree.. We gave it a lot of thought and had many heated debates within the team. As previously mentioned the only other viable alternative would be to introduce advertising to the game, which we feel very strongly against as advertising is literally (and figuratively) the opposite of art.

What art can I upload?

Most art is absolutely fine, however, there is a small number of artworks we can't accept:

  • Memes from the internet - Memes you make with your own work are ok
  • Fan art - see ‘Why can’t I upload fan art/memes/etc this is censorship!’
  • Porn - nudity is ok if it is created with artistic intent (the game is rated 18+)
  • Other people's artwork or artwork that was commissioned and copyright transferred
  • Screenshots from games - Elements in games are often copyrighted and so screenshots can cross those copyright lines
If an artwork is uploaded that goes against our T&C, the work will be removed from the game and the code won’t be refunded, this is done mainly against trolls - if you would like to check if an artwork is allowed, feel free to email us.

Why can’t I upload fan art/memes/etc this is censorship!

The main reason is copyright laws, if you create a beautiful painting of Luke Skywalker (for e.g.), the copyright is likely owned by Disney, so unless you can get written permission from them, we can’t have it in the game :(

Artwork Specification Requirements

We pride outselves on providing the best possible quality for all artworks added into OWW, on the downside it does mean there are a few restrictions.

  • Files should be between at least 1200px preferably 4k for the best quality
  • Max file size is 50MB
  • JPEG, JPG, and PNG formats only
  • Images that display your art only, ideally without external objects in the image (like fingers or selfies with your art)
  • No copyright notices, logos or URLS, on images - a normal ‘analogue’ signature is fine, also no need to add ‘frames’ to the image
  • In-game sizes can be flexible for digital works but it is recommended to stay under 200cm

What is Kultura?

KULTURA is our art portal where you can have a page with your bio and links to projects, sites, social profiles, or even crowdfunding campaigns. On your artist page, you can see real-time information about how many players interact with your works, placed them in a gallery, zoomed in for a closer look, and commented on them. Example of artist to followers notification in KULTURA (in game would be similar) Example of artist to followers notification in KULTURA (in game would be similar) (A future feature)

Do I keep my copyright?

Yes! The artist retains all copyright to their artworks. To upload art to OWW, there are three simple check boxes.

I'm not an artist, can I buy codes and gift them to an artist I like?

Yes! All codes bought can be shared and used by others.

Do upload codes expire?

No, codes do not expire if not used within a certain amount of time. A code can only be used once though.