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Our vision for an art platform of the future


We believe that the current ‘wall-based’ gallery model is broken, it doesn’t work for audiences who find art boring and off-putting. It doesn’t work for museums and galleries either (they can often display only 5% of their collection with the rest hidden underground) and mainly doesn’t work for artists who struggle to ‘emerge’ and reach relevant people - true fans the art will resonate with. The only people the ‘art market’ does work for are dealers (even then the 1% of them) and mega-rich collections. We’re here to change that...


  • No gatekeepers or acceptance committee, every artist deserves an opportunity (some T&C apply)


  • Cutting edge AI designed to connect artists with their rightful audience, DAISY is already working and proven, check out these cool artists.  



  • A hugely creative, enthusiastic, and open-minded global player community to interact with 


  • Not a ‘dealer’, OWW doesn’t charge commissions on sales. In fact, OWW is designed to drive traffic to social media and/or other sites. Many artists are contacted by fans (who discover them in OWW) over social media and in several cases, people bought artworks in the ‘real world’ 


  • The artist keeps all the rights to their work


  • Genuinely connect with new fans, as an artist, you can message players who bought your work (to announce an exhibition or a crowdfunding campaign for example) they’ll also be notified when you upload new artworks. (coming soon)


  • A gaming PC or playing the game is not required (but it is fun). Art uploads and KULTURA are accessible through the web


  • Design your dream gallery featuring your works (along with the occasional old master, if you so wish) at a grand scale and fantastical setting with gorgeous realistic graphics

Any questions? Please reach out to us on Discord or by email to 

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