How to Play - The Basics

How do I play?

A tutorial will popup automatically when you first login;

The basic game loop is:

Build and curate your own gallery and fill it with art that moves you, with the help of our AI assistant curator D.A.I.S.Y, or teleport to other galleries to explore and meet other people.

Can I record walkthroughs of my gallery and stream/share them online?

Absolutely! We love to see what our players create, if you do post it, please drop us a link on discord.

You can record videos in the game, we have a special cinematic camera (press F8), especially for this goal.

Basically it is like flying a spaceship. Hope everyone has an experience in it.

*WASD* - Move. The camera will accelerate and keep momentum. If you stop pressing any button - it will decelerate. You have to turn in advance to get nice curved turns.

*Ctrl/Space* - Up and Down. Same rules.

*Mouse camera rotation is smooth* - Imagine you are controlling camera not with mouse but with a *Flying Stick* like in a plane. It also accelerates and decelerates.

If you got camera rotating fast and not moving a mouse - it will not stop immediately. To make it so - move mouse in opposite direction.

*Mouse wheel scroll* - changes the movement speed and acceleration to faster/slower. One tick on your wheel - already a noticeable change, so don't scroll it like crazy

*PageUp/PageDown* - changes the rotation speed and acceleration. Allows making very smooth turns with lower speeds.

"F" to freeze

Looking Around

Move your MOUSE to look around

Walking/Running and Jumping

Use the WASD keys to walk around. (QWERTY keyboards) Hold down SHIFT while walking to run Press SPACE to jump. Hold SPACE to jump higher

Interact with Objects

Approach an object and press [E] to interact. Not all objects are interactable.


Press [T], then [List], enter a gallery name and select the one you want to visit and click [Teleport]

Favouriting a Gallery

Press [T] and hover over the gallery you want to favourite and select the star. Tip: Favourites will display on the login screen and also in the [My] tab in the teleport list.


Respawn allows a player to teleport to a desk in the gallery they are currently in. To respawn press [ESC] or [f1] and choose Respawn.

Placing Objects

Press [I] to open your inventory and add the items want to place to your bar. Select the number on the bar where the object is and place in your gallery.

Deleting Objects

Press [I] and choose tools, drag the delete tool (the one with the X) to your bar. Select the number on the bar where the tool is placed and point at the object you wish to delete and click, Tip: You receive a 100% refund for assets deleted within 3 minutes of placing and 50% after 3 minutes. Active objects highlight in red.

Moving/Rotating Objects

Press [I] and choose tools, drag the move tool (the one with the three arrows) to your bar. Select the number on the bar where the tool is placed and point at the object you wish to move and click, You can also rotate objects while holding them with the move tool by pressing [Q] or [E]. Tip: Active objects highlight in green.

Picking/Copying Objects

Press [I] and choose tools, drag the pick tool (the one with the picker) to your bar. Select the number on the bar where the tool is placed and point at the object you wish to add to your bar and click, Active objects will highlight in green. Tip: You can pick objects anywhere but only objects you own are added to your bar.

Expanding Your Space

Press [I] and choose tools, drag the expand tool (the one with the three x's) to your bar. Select the number on the bar where the tool is placed and point at the space you wish to buy and click. Tip: There is no limit on expanding but the larger you expand the more expensive it becomes.

Levelling Up

There are 30 levels in OWW. The higher your level, the more income you make. To level up, visit Daisy [P] and buy art. Tip: Each level unlocks additional assets and features.

Mirroring Objects

Some objects can be mirrored, pick up an object and an option to press [F] will display above the bar if it can be mirrored. Press [F] to mirror

Leaving Comments

To leave a comment at a desk, press [E] at the desk and enter a comment To leave a comment on an artwork, press [E] on the artwork and leave a comment Please note, all comments are expected to be respectful and follow our code of conduct.

Plaza and Dealers

The Plaza

The Plaza is the main social hub for OWW, it houses Larry and Peggy the dealers, featured player galleries and is also the starting area for new players.

Larry/Peggy - Dealers

Larry and Peggy are dealers found in the Plaza. The dealers offer exclusive assets daily and weekly. Assets sold in the dealers cannot be found anywhere else. Tip: To use a vendor, approach it and press [E].

All About Art in Game

Can I buy multiple copies of the same artwork?

No, you can only post one copy of each artwork per gallery.

This is done to preserve the uniqueness of the Art, so in OWW everyone can have a Mona Lisa, but only one of it…

How do I add a comment to an artwork?

Approach the painting and press “E” to zoom into it - you can then add a comment at the top left.


DAISY (Discover Art Intended Specifically for You) is our art AI, Daisy learns your tastes and helps you discover art you may like.
DAISY needs training, it is your challenge to train DAISY. Press [P] to open DAISY.


Open DAISY [P], choose an artwork, select find similar, MAISY will display 12 images that look similar to the original artwork.

Buying Art

Press [P] to open DAISY, find art you like and select it, on the bottom right you will see a cube cost, click the button to buy. Tip: Art cost increases with level but so does income.

Wishlisting Art

Press [P] to open DAISY, find art you like and select it, on the bottom right you will see a wishlist button, click the button to wishlist. Tip: To find your wishlist open Daisy [P] and select wishlist.

Sharing Art In Chat

Press [P] to open DAISY, find art you like and select it, on the bottom right you will see a share to chat button, click the button to share and then press enter to post in chat.

Viewing All Work by an Artist

Press [P] to open DAISY, find art you like and select it, on the bottom right you will see an artist button, press this button to view all art for that artist.

Finding Art After Buying

After buying an artwork, art can be found in your inventory by pressing [I] and then choosing the Art tab. Tip: Art bought in DAISY will appear at the bottom of art tab and art bought elsewhere will appear at the top of the art tab. Using the search box you can search for any metadata on artworks. - Artist name - Artwork size - Medium - Year

Placing Art

Press [I] and choose the Art tab, drag an artwork to your bar, then select the number on the bar where the artwork is placed and point at the space you wish to place the artwork and click. Tip: Displaying artwork is optional. Using F6 and V can help to place artwork more accurately.

Framing Art

Press [I] and choose the Frames tab, drag a frame to your bar, then select the number on the bar where the frame is placed and point at the artwork and click. Tip: To remove a frame use the Default Frame. Additional frames can be bought at the dealers

Removing Art From Your Wall

Use the delete tool to place art back in your inventory.
Tip: You cannot sell art back, art you buy will always be owned.

Resizing Art

Artworks cannot be resized, all artworks are the size the artist intended them to be

Buying Art in Other Galleries

Simply approach the artwork, press [E] and buy. 20% of the art cost goes to the gallery owner when art is bought off the wall


I have questions, unanswered questions...

Then join us on Discord, for live real time support:
or leave us a message using the chat app on the lower right Or by email:

Building and Running a Gallery

Earning Income (cubes)

There are currently three ways to earn cubes. 1. Opening your gallery/s every 30 minutes, press [E] at the desk to open your gallery. 2. Display artwork and invite players, you earn 20% of any artwork purchased in your gallery. The amount is dependent on the buyers level, the higher the level the more cubes you can earn. 3. Other players can open other players galleries while the owner is away. 4. Enigmas give cubes to the gallery owner upon each completion.

Searching for Assets

Access your asset inventory by pressing [I] or [B], there is a search box in the upper left corner, type in this box to search. Examples you can search for; - Color of an asset - red, blue etc - Asset size - 2x4, 4x4, etc - Asset name - Asset type - wall, floor, ceiling, etc - Asset Style/Material - Wood, Wallpaper, Stone, etc - RGB - Shows all color changing assets - Interactive - Shows all assets that have an interactive [E] ability

Sharing Your Gallery in Chat

Sharing your gallery in chat is as easy as typing >galleryname in chat and pressing enter. @ - Tags a player profile . > - Sets a direct link to the gallery You can share a gallery from the [T] Teleport list by selecting the gallery and clicking share to chat.

Personalise Your Space and Avatar

Changing Your Avatar

Press [I] and choose Avatars tab, hover over and select Equip. Tip: New avatars are unlocked as you level up and can be found at the plaza dealers.

Making Gestures

Gestures allow you to move in different ways, wave to friends or dance to show you are happy. To use a gesture, press [I], choose Gestures and click Use. Tip: Additional gestures are unlocked as you level up and can be found at the plaza dealers.

Changing the Weather

Press [I] and choose the Weather tab, hover over and select Apply. Tip: Additional Weather effects are unlocked as you level up and can be found at the plaza dealers.

Changing the Sky

Press [I], choose Skies, hover over and select Apply.
Tip: Additional Skies are unlocked as you level up and can be found at the plaza dealers.

Changing Your Mask

Press [I], choose Masks and select Equip.
Tip: Additional Masks are unlocked as you level up and can be found at the plaza dealers.

Additional Features


Mosaics are unlocked at level 5/10/15 and 20 + and allow in-game art to be created using a 245 colour palette. Mosaics can be found by pressing [I], Building tab and then choosing Mosaics.

Zahn Cam: Setting Your Gallery Preview

Search for the 'Zahn Cam' in your inventory ([I] > building), place it and press [E]. Press 'Take gallery picture' button to take a picture. After taking a picture, exit out of the camera [ESC], and press [T] to view your masterpeice. - Only one image can be featured at a time. - Zahn Cam is available from level 2


Enigmas unlock at level 10 and are used in galleries to link artworks together. Once published and enigma is solvable by any visitor who completes it. The gallery owner earns cubes for each completion. Search for 'Enigma' in your inventory ([I] > building), place it and press [E].


Text options are unlocked at level 7. Text can be found by pressing [I], Building tab and then choosing Text. Place the text asset on a wall and press [E] to edit.


Passepartout can be found under the Frames tab in the inventory [I]. Passepartout helps to fill out frames and pictures by placing passepartout between the painting and the frame. Use Passepartout in addition to a frame. Passepartout unlocks at level 2/3/4 and 5.

Multiple Galleries

Each player starts with 3 gallery slots, additional slots will be available in future updates. - Slot 1 is your starting gallery - Slot 2 unlocks at level 20 - Slot 3 unlocks at level 30 To access the multiple gallery menu press [T]. Tip: Use the Zahn Cam to set a custom image for your galleries which displays in the teleport menu. How multiple galleries work. - Each gallery can be renamed - Art inventory is shared between all galleries but each gallery can display one copy each - Each gallery has its own openings and cube collections - Cubes, assets, level are shared and available for any additional galleries created under the account in the future."


Sculptures unlock at level 20, additional scupltures can also be found at the Plaza dealers

Build With Friends

Collaborative building is unlocked at level 7. Once an account reaches level 7, open the desk [E] and enter a username to invite. When you invite an account to build, you invite all the galleries they own. Tip: Anyone with building permissions can do everything you can in your gallery except place art. When inviting a player to build, the player account name is invited and not the gallery name. To remove permissions, simply press the trash icon on the desk UI.

Social Profiles

Profiles allow players to set daily statuses, bios, custom screenshot banners, see galleries where you have build permissions and view history of art purchases. Press [J] or visit a desk to open a social profile window.


Portals allow destinations to be set in a gallery, this can be to a friends gallery or one of your own. Press [I] and choose the Building tab and filter by Portals, drag a portal to your bar, then select the number on the bar where the portal is placed and place it in your gallery.
To set a destination, hover over the portal and press [E], here you can set a gallery name or choose to set the portal to the players home gallery.
Tip: Additional portals can be bought at the vendor.

Free Camera Mode - F8

Free Camera mode can be accessed using the [F8] key. Take screenshots, set camera speed and fly around galleries. Controls - Shift - Down - Space - Up - Use your mouse to steer - Press F to freeze the mouse - F6 to hide HUD - Press 'Take Screenshot' - screenshots auto hide the HUD - Check 'Smooth Camera' to control camera speed - 'Open Folder' will open your screenshot folder on your PC

Inspiration Bonus

Artwork purchased from other galleries walls triggers the Inspiration Bonus. The gallery owner recieves 20% of what it cost to buy the artwork.

General FAQ

What are the minimum specs for OWW?

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)
Processor: Quad Core CPU (Intel or AMD)
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 660, AMD Radeon 7870 (or better) VRAM: 2GB or more
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 15 GB available space

Where can I download the game from?

Hit the play now button on the right or go to

Can I play on a MAC or a PC below specs?

OWW is currently PC only.

However, some enthusiastic players used cloud gaming as a way around this. The idea is that you have a high-end gaming PC in the cloud that runs the game for you, while you connect from your mac (or other computers that don’t meet the minimum required).

It works very well but requires a reasonably fast internet connection (15mbps +).

We are available on GerforceNow which is free, visit to see how it works.

Can I add my art?

Yes see page

Do you run contests?

Yes see for our current contest

Your Art in OWW

How to Upload Art

Art is uploaded via KULTURA Visit and for more information.

How Your Art is Discovered

Art is discovered through DAISY [P], a proprietary art discovery AI that learns each player’s individual taste in art and shows art they’d like even if they don't know what they'll like. Even with AI we still leave the door open to chance, some of DAISY’s suggestions are purely random. Furthermore, players are not limited to using DAISY alone, art can also be acquired by visiting [T] other player’s galleries and via in-game chat.

How to Find My Art After Uploading

Art will display in DAISY [P], you can also press F10, mention your artist and gallery name and we will place it in your art inventory. If you already have art in-game, newly uploaded art will be in your artist profile after we have connected your accounts, please F10 to request this.


KULTURA is the upload portal for OWW KULTURA is our art portal where you can have a page with your bio and links to projects, sites, social profiles, or even crowdfunding campaigns. On your artist page, you can see real-time information about how many players interact with your works, placed them in a gallery, zoomed in for a closer look, and commented on them. KULTURA is still a work in progress and will receive continuous updates and features

How to Gift Uploads/Invite an Artist

Visit, purchase upload codes and then simply share the code/s with the artist of your choice!

What About My Copyright

You retain full copyright to all artwork uploaded

What Can/Can't I upload

Most art is absolutely fine, however, there is a small number of artworks we can't accept: - Memes from the internet - Memes you make with your own work are ok - Fanart - see ‘Why can't I upload fan art/memes/etc this is censorship! in the artist FAQ’ - Porn - nudity is ok if it is created with artistic intent - Other people's artwork or artwork that was commissioned and copyright transferred - Screenshots from games - Elements in games are often copyrighted and so screenshots can cross those copyright lines - Public Domain Artworks - Please use F10 to request these, if we can add them, we will if you would like to check if an artwork is allowed, feel free to email us as

How to Upload Music/3D Art/Video

Currently only 2D artworks are able to be added into OWW, but we do have future plans to support other mediums of art, such as video, music etc.

How art works in OWW

When a player finds an artwork they like they can ‘buy’ it with in-game currency (called cubes). It is not ‘real money’ but is valuable in the game and when a player buys an artwork it means they really like it, because they chose it over another one.
Players have a wishlist they use to keep track of art they liked but couldn’t afford at the time they saw it. Each artwork page shows all of those stats in KULTURA.

Is the art promotion AI (DAISY) really agnostic and treats all art as equal?

Yes! We designed it especially with this in mind. Due to the nature of probabilities (which underpin the black magic of AI) there may be a very slight ‘advantage’ to artworks and artists who join the platform earlier than others who join later. However, we designed DAISY to handle millions of artworks so in the long term this slight ‘advantage’ is negligible.

Why do we charge $9 per upload?

DAISY, the AI that makes the magic happen (finds you followers, connects players to artworks they’d love, etc). Is very expensive to run and eats GPUs for breakfast, not to mention the server costs. We need to keep the lights on and a steady supply of coffee. The alternative is to bring advertising into OWW which is a big no-no. A big part of our vision is that we don’t want to be gatekeepers and judge what art is ‘good’ or ‘bad’- we trust DAISY to show art to people who will be inspired and in some cases not show it to those who won’t. This means that everyone who uploads art will tick a few boxes saying they are an artist, the artwork uploaded is theirs and they allow us to feature artwork in-game (and on social media as players often share their galleries outside of the game). Sadly the internet is full of trolls, and if uploads were totally free we would drown in ‘dic pics’ and memes not to mention worse things. We feel that charging would dramatically reduce the number of ‘troll uploads’, leaving us more time to improve the overall game and AI. We understand this is a contentious decision and that some artists may not agree.. We gave it a lot of thought and had many heated debates within the team. As previously mentioned the only other viable alternative would be to introduce advertising to the game, which we feel very strongly against as advertising is literally (and figuratively) the opposite of art.

Do upload codes expire?

No, codes do not expire if not used within a certain amount of time. A code can only be used once though.

Artwork Specification Requirements

We pride outselves on providing the best possible quality for all artworks added into OWW, on the downside it does mean there are a few restrictions. Files should be between at least 1200px preferably 4k for the best quality Max file size is 50MB JPEG, JPG, and PNG formats only Images that display your art only, ideally without external objects in the image (like fingers or selfies with your art) No copyright notices, logos or URLS, on images - a normal ‘analogue’ signature is fine, also no need to add ‘frames’ to the image In-game sizes can be flexible for digital works but it is recommended to stay under 200cm