How to set up OWW on

GeforceNow is a free cool cloud gaming service that allows people to play on a high-end PC's in the cloud. It's a very elegant solution for people who don't have a PC (Mac users, we are looking at you...) or those with low-end PCs.

These instructions may look long but they should only take a few moments and once OWW is up and running - you won't need to do this again.  (These instructions assume that you don't have an OWW account,  a Steam account, and GeforceNow account)

Geforce internet requirements: 

- 15Mbps connection for 720p60 game streaming

- 25Mbps for 1080p60 streaming

1. Go to  and click 'Join Now'

2.  Choose your plan (the next steps are based on the free option)

3. Login or create a new account ( the next steps assume a new account is created)

4.  Register your details ( this creates a GeforceNow account with Nvidia)

5.  Nvidia will send an email, please check your email and click verify

6. Once verified you will be directed to the download site, select download on Windows or Mac, run the install file, and install GeforceNow.

7. Once GeforceNow is installed, launch the program on your machine and login in the top right corner

8. Login using the account you just created

9.  Once logged in, start to type 'occupy white walls' in the search bar, once you see the game show up, click on + library and click continue on the pop up called 'do you own this game'

10.  Scroll down and click on play on Occupy White Walls image

11. GeforceNow will now scan your network, you need at least 10mbps download speed to use GeforceNow

12.  Once connection is confirmed, GeforceNow will place you in a queue for the next available machine (paid accounts get instant access) wait time vary depending on the time of day, but typically it is between a minute and 30 minutes

13. Once the machine is loaded, a Steam login screen will appear, log in if you have a Steam account or create a new account if you do not. Steam is the game platform where OWW is located.

14.  Create an account with Steam, verify your email, then go back to GeforceNow, finalise your Steam account creation, and then sign in to Steam through GeforceNow. 

15.  After successful sign in, you will be directed to the store page for Occupy White Walls, scroll down and click play

16. After clicking play, Steam will ask where you would like to install the game, you can leave defaults, click next and finish.

17.  Once you have clicked Finish, you can close out of the Steam window by clicking the X in the top right corner.

18. On the lower left, you should see a minimized Steam bar, you can click the box to expand the window.

19. Once Steam library is showing you can click on Occupy White Walls on the left and then Play. 

20. Phew, you made it! For future access, you can add a desktop icon for OWW to your desktop that will allow you to click and launch OWW right away without needing to launch GeforceNow. 

Now create your OWW account and see you on the other side...