Interview with Artist SPARTALIEN (arT2)

Shikantaza Creativity Interview III - SPARTALIEN

SPARTALIEN (arT2) is one of many artists to add artworks into Occupy White Walls,

Discover the SPARTALIEN exhibition (and many others) in-game at the gallery Shikantaza.

Read on for a cool interview with SPARTALIEN (arT2) by Shikantaza Art.

Source credit Shikantaza Art.

Our series of interviews with artists and creators aim to answer these questions.

In interview number three we speak to multimedia experimenter SPARTALIEN. You can find his creations here as well as a collection of his work in the Shikantaza gallery.

1 - Starting with the most important question - Who is Memoria?

Memoria is Latin and means, when translated, memory/remembrance.

I named the merchandise for the album “2358” Memoria instead of Memory because the main track titles are also translated into Latin.

I see my merchandise as small memories/artifacts. Not only because they are very rare, but because I can never go back to that time.

“Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things” - Cicero

2 - You work across different mediums. Do you have any preference for a specific form? When did you first find the format that was “you”?

I became really infected with the digital virus around in the late 90s when I built my first computer. A year or two later I started taking photos and manipulating them digitally. I also had a few printed, which allowed me to bring the digital into the real world. Then I discovered IRC and started learning a little bit of TCL. Since I had fun coding, I decided to learn the basics of web development because I needed a website to show my pictures to other people. In general, I was fascinated by the flow of information on the Internet. That distance is no longer a real hurdle when it comes to data transmission.

I’ve always loved music as a listener and small collector. I was then and still am one of those people who never go out of the house for long periods of time without a Walkman. Music production came into play when a couple of friends set up a small studio where