Interview with Artist Polyducks

Updated: Mar 10

Shikantaza Creativity Interview I - Polyducks

Polyducks is one of many artists to add artworks into Occupy White Walls,

Discover Polyducks exhibition (and many others) in-game at the gallery Shikantaza.

Read on for a cool interview with Polyducks by Shikantaza Art.

Source credit Shikantaza Art.

At Shikantaza we are not content to just create art. We are not content to just give art and artists the platform they deserve. We also want to dig deep inside those who make art.

Creation and creativity are fascinating and elusive. It comes from within and without. Just when you have it eludes you, then when you don’t want or need it, it fills your mind, body, and soul. Creation is never easy, apart from when it is.

If we sat down with ten artists and asked them to explain their methods no two would have identical tales. Yet, there will be common threads. The commonalities are just as fascinating as the differences and may help us all to gain a deeper understanding of creativity.

This is why we are launching a series of interviews. In the main, we will be featuring artists whose work is on show in the gallery, but there will be additional contributions from those whose creative output may not be best represented by a visual display.

Our first interviewee is Polyducks, creator of pixel art, ASCII, games, and much more. You can check out his creations on the Shikantaza rooftop.

1 – How would you describe your output of content? Do you work in a specific genre more than others or cross regularly?

I’m predominantly known for my textmode and pixel art, though I like to branch out into other formats. I enjoy finding new ways to be creative with existing tools. Things like Minecraft, Super Mario Maker, and other conventional game editors are a great opportunity to flex creative muscles, but also less conventional formats like Reddit comments where I’ve made interlinked text adventures through linked comments in dead threads, or Twitter where you can use emojis to make artwork or use the poll system to make a multiple-choice game. I also like Blender and for 3D work.

There’s a certain playfulness to seeing a format and wondering what else it could do or how else someone could interact with it.

My comfort zone is textmode art, which is about placing fixed-width character tiles into a grid. Each tile has one foreground and background colour. Versions of textmode include ANSI, ASCII, and PETSCII. It is similar to pixel art, but there are tighter restrictions, and I feel that helps guide my choices.