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Paint me like one of your French avatars contests

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Twice the rewards, twofold the creativity, double the craziness, and Monoliths!

Hello, we have a slight twist for this next challenge, we are running TWO contests at the same time and for longer!

Challenge 1: Mosaics

Challenge 2: Screenshots, Avatars, and Monoliths


Challenge 1: We all like mosaics right? But some like them more than others, and this contest is for those mosaic lovers.

Create a mosaic that represents your favorite artist or location in your home city.

Challenge 2: OWW is an MMO which means that there are many players across the artiverse doing many different things, whether it is building, making mosaics, dancing, partying with friends, jumping, or even shopping at the vendors in the Plaza, there is bound to be something to catch your eye.

Create an in-game screenshot/poster that shows avatars/players with monoliths (Type "Monolith" in your inventory search) in interesting scenarios across the artiverse.


Entries open Now - Jan 24th

Winners will be announced by Feb 12th


5 winners for each challenge (10 in total) will receive;

  • Either 5 upload codes or our soundtrack DLC (Art codes can be gifted to anyone even if they don't play the game)

  • 2 million cubes

  • Mosaic contest only reward: Your gallery featured in the new teleport menu (terms apply, the gallery must be accessible and contain the mosaic)

  • A choice of one of 12 special masks, with a special halo (can you collect them all?)


  • All entries must be submitted by midnight EST on Jan 24th

  • Entries must be made entirely in-game (some minor edits outside the game are permissible for the poster entries)

  • You may enter one time in each contest.

  • Art uploads must follow our upload guidelines

How to enter

Submit all entries via the following forms;

Challenge 1: Mosaics, Enter by clicking here

Challenge 2: Screenshots, Enter by clicking here

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