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Contest Winners!

Thank you for your entries to the mosaic and/or screenshot contest, here are the final winners!


The mosaic shows a picture of a very good photographer friend. A model in the glow of the light. Gallery Big Mosaik

Niagara Falls - Gallery KLCreative

The mosaic and gallery are a tribute to William Morris and the Pattern Makers in OWW - Gallery heliotrope

The river bank of the Danube in Ulm on a summer night and winter day. - Gallery ronja

One of my favorite places here in Toronto, Canada. Distillery District is a place that transports you back in time with old brick buildings used previously as whiskey distillery factories, now they are art galleries, restaurants, studios, etc. I love this area in Toronto because of the amazing contrast between old Victorian era buildings and the modern CN Tower and tall skyscrapers in the background. Gallery The land of Neo


The artiverse is wide and pushing the body to it's limits is also seen as art for many people - JC Gallery

Messing around with monoliths, I found a new way to approach contemporary art. Ratatoskr

It's an impression of the 2001 monolith scene with avatars instead of monkeys. Gallery Rock!

The endless ocean calls, good thing we got friends to share it with heliotrope

The Creation Of The Portal Connection - creatura

just thought to push the reflections of the thing surrounding it with glass and make it look like glass itself - OrIgInS
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