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Streamer Tips

Welcome to Occupy White Walls or OWW for short!

OWW is a sandbox MMO where you can explore galleries made by other players, discover new art using the AI called DAISY, build your own gallery and build with friends.

Here are a few tips to help you have a successful first-time stream. 

You will start in the Plaza, the Plaza is the social hub of OWW. In the Plaza, you will find Larry and Peggy, the vendors which sell new assets each day. 

While in the Plaza, you will be in the tutorial, it is important to complete the tutorial to unlock all the amazing features in OWW.  The tutorial cannot be skipped and will typically take no more than 10 minutes to complete. 

The tutorial is fairly straight forward;

You start in the Plaza, the tutorial will show prompts on-screen of actions to take. 

The red postbox in the Plaza will teleport you to your home gallery. Once in your gallery, you will be shown how to buy art using Daisy (P), how to place it and how to build.

Once the tutorial has been completed (level 2) you will be open to teleport and build without restriction. 

There are 30 levels in OWW, you level up by buying art from Daisy or from other player galleries.  Buying art uses cubes, these cubes are earned by opening your gallery (every 30 minutes) and from players buying your art. Cubes are collected from your desk.

Building with friends is unlocked at level 7, you can press E on your desk to invite friends to build in your gallery. 


  • T - Teleport to other galleries (unlocked at level 2)

  • V - Changes the first-person view

  • F8 - Free cam mode

  • P - Daisy the art AI

  • I - Inventory where you can find your art, building items, gestures, and more.

  • J  -Social profile

  • Enigmas unlock at level 10

  • Make your own art level 7+ with mosaics

  • Art uploads coming very soon 

Have an awesome stream and don't forget to press F10 and let us know you are streaming and we will send you a super cool streamer drone mask. 

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