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To say it’s a PC sandbox-building, AI-driven MMO where people play with Art, developed by folks who really love architecture and abstract characters… would be a bit of a mouthful.

We could have named it ‘World of curation craft’, or ‘Clash of artistically and architecturally curious people’ but we chose Occupy White Walls.
OWW for short.

Pronounced as Owouawwouaw.


At a glance, it includes:

  • An escaped, sentient, and Art-loving Artificial Intelligence  

  • 2,999.7 and counting architectural assets to build the place of your dreams.

  • Automatons, mannequins, and avatars  

  • Over 16,000 artworks and counting

  • Tons of 19th-century art

  • Tons of 18th-century art and so on

  • Some cool contemporary art too

  • As seen on TV (in Germany)*

  • Future award for the best art game ever made*

OWW is now shaking up everything you thought you knew about the world of art.
The game is live on Steam in early access and is ideal for individuals who have the courage, the audacity, the vision … or who just clicked our Ad.


Early Access means that the game is mostly stable but under heavy development. 

Are you Alpha?
 Click here to play now. *

Download at your peril, unless you want:

  • a completely finished game.

  • to dictate other people's taste

  • to be an ‘Art Market’ type. We can never be friends; it’s not us, it’s you … and us

  • to shoot things

  • to be an AI construct - I guess that would rip off the fabric of all realities.

If any of the above apply, take your chance and leave now. You were warned.

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