Artists have always viewed the world differently.

Finally, the world can view art differently.


Great art opens minds.
Trouble is, so much of it is behind closed doors.
Or in the wrong place, at the wrong time.
Never connecting with its true audience.
OWW has the power to place your art in front of the right eyes -
better than any website or art platform ever could.


On a basic level, OWW is a game.
Tens of thousands of players create galleries and display art they like.
(We say galleries, we mean incredibly imaginative, surreal art spaces that could never exist in the real world.)
Which is pretty amazing in itself.
But here’s the really clever bit.
Once players begin to choose art, our AI (DAISY) works her magic and guides them to the art that they are most likely to love (kinda like how Spotify recommends music).
Once they’ve chosen art they like, other players are invited to come and view it.
Which means more of the right kind of eyes on the right kind of art.
A bit like a dating site where you never swipe left.

In short.

OWW enables a world of artists to connect with a world of audiences which they could never have reached before, allowing artists to sell their artworks both in-game and in real life.
The ‘M’ word.

Artists pay $9 USD per artwork uploaded to OWW/KULTURA.
It’s a one-off payment, no monthly fees.
Once your artwork is in, it’s in.
The price means we’re able to continually update the game and AI engine, ensuring the best possible experience for both artists and players.
While we would never censor any artwork in the game (OWW is 18+ rated), the price also deters those that are well, let’s say, less well-intended.
The internet doesn’t need any more dic-pics.

Your true audience is waiting. 

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to KULTURAupload some amazing art, and unlock your potential to connect with people who will appreciate your art.
You deserve it. They deserve it!

Upload YOUR ART in 3 easy steps