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November Contest: Open-air Gallery

Updated: Nov 25, 2020


Create an Open-air gallery space (outdoors) centered around your favorite artist, no larger than 6x6x6 expansions.

Winners will be chosen based on originality, creativity, and performance/accessibility.


Entries open Nov 1st - Nov 22nd

Winners will be chosen by Nov 30th


5 winners will receive;

  • Either 5 upload codes or our soundtrack DLC (Art codes can be gifted to anyone outside of the game)

  • 2 million cubes

  • Your gallery featured in the new teleport menu (terms apply)

  • A choice of one of six special masks with a surprise effect (can you collect them all?)


  • All entries must be submitted by midnight EST on Nov 22nd.

  • Galleries must be open-air and no larger than 6 wide, 6 long, and 6 high. (expansions)

  • Entries must be created entirely in-game.

  • You may enter one time.

  • Galleries should be available until the end of December.

  • Art uploads must follow our upload guidelines

How to enter

Submit all entries via this form

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