How to set up OWW on Paperspace

Paperspace is a cool cloud gaming service that allows people to play on a high-end PC in the cloud. It's a very elegant solution for people who don't have a PC (Mac users, we are looking at you. Also people on a raspberry pi...). You will be charged based on usage.


Paperspace is an independent company, not related to OWW or StikiPixels. 

We provide these instructions as 'friendly advice' after too many people asked us about a Mac version - not currently planned for a whole bunch of reasons. 


These instructions may look long but they should take a few moments and once OWW is up and running - you won't need to do this again. 


  1. Log into Paperspace and set up an account – use this link to get $10 credit 

  2. Download the Paperspace mac app and install it, log in to it with your username and password

  3. On the left-hand menu (inside the Paperspace app)  select Compute (under ‘Core’) and click the + sign to add a machine.

  4. Select a location (between US east coast and Europe) that’s close to you. 

  5. Choose OS: Windows 10

  6. Under machine choose P4000 (hourly)  - you can change this later although that's the recommended one for OWW at maximum quality.

  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page, don’t change any other settings and enter your payment details (for the Paperspace machine usage, OWW is free).

  8. Your new machine will show under the left-hand menu (Core – Compute – Machines), It will take a while to provision but after a few minutes should be readyOnce it is, click on it and you will see the Windows 10 desktop of your windows machine.

  9. Click on the grey circle icon at the top right of the screen, chose ‘Advanced’ and enable ‘lock mouse automatically’ and ‘Allow apps to hide mouse cursor’.

  10. Now to install Steam, open Chrome and paste this address into the address bar: - once completed you'll need to create a Steam account. Then search for Occupy White Walls in Steam and install it, too.

  11. Once the installation is complete you will see the OWW launcher on your screen.

  12. To play OWW double-click the desktop shortcut and click on the main button (Update) this will install the main game (should be very quick, your cloud machine is literally in the cloud) this could take a few minutes.

  13. Once inside the game please register a new account (for OWW).

  14. The game is now properly installed and in the future, all you need to do is just launch the installer and click play... You're done!

  15. IMPORTANT: Remember to shut down your machine after you finish playing or you will be charged for that time – to do that, exit the game to the desktop and click on the circle icon at the top right of the screen - chose 'Shutdown Machine'.


Good luck and see you on the other side...